Mitgliedschaft | Moers Cricket Club e.V.


Important Guidelines to use Moers Cricket Club e.V’s Ground

  • Teams can park their cars at point A, mentioned in the picture/map.
  • Toilets are shown in the picture at point B.
  • Entrance gate is at point C.
  • Teams are requested not to be loud (residential area) from point D to C ( marked red) & vice versa.
  • No person is allowed to jump over the fence to enter into the ground, use the entrance gate (Point C)
  • Please leave Toilets & changing room clean after use.
  • Please throw garbage / trash at pont D.
  • Teams are not allowed to do practice on the Pitch without the permission of Moers CC’s Management.
  • Teams are requested to stay only in Moers CC’s ground premises.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden & smoking is only allowed outside the ground.
  • No vulgar language & misbehave will be tolerated by Moers Cricket Club e.V’s management in the ground.
  • Our goal is to promote cricket in this region & we expect that it should be played in a good spirit.
  • A = Parking Area (Filder Str. 126, 47447 Moers)
  • B = Toilets & Changing Room
  • C = Entrance
  • D = Trash can
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